Saturday, 22 June 2013

Five days somehow turned to five months...

Writing a blog a day when you have my life which never ever seems to be quiet, turned out to be a little over adventurous. I think I blogged myself out. And so here we are, now in June (yikes, how did we get here so quick?!) and I thought I would start again. Definitely not a blog a day, but maybe one a week..

I'm not covering the last five months because that would be the most ridiculously long blog ever. But what I will tell you is it's been a very testing five months. Well, testing yet rewarding. Dan and I had our one year anniversary, which was perfect and we also had his 21st, again which was pretty perfect. We've had some lovely weekends away, which I will share photos of with you at a later date and now... we are flat hunting! Mainly because living here has been the most testing part of our lives.. but like I said, I'm not going into that. 

So yeah, flat hunting. Exciting! We have literally looked through hundreds of flats and we have our first viewing on Wednesday. I can't wait. It's not too far from home, close to Dan's work and hopefully it'll be perfect access wise, fingers crossed.

Also, I've just completed and passed my PTLLS qualification which means I can now teach adults and I'm currently half way through a cake decorating course at Slattery's, which has lead to me getting quite a few cake orders! Frosty's Little Bakery may just be taking off! Watch this space. 

I met some great people on the PTLLS course, a few of which have turned out to be really good friends, with good contacts too. One of them is a fashion designer and we are so similar in our likes and dislikes that it's scary and the other is just setting up their own business which I'm giving them a hand in designing the webpage and promotional material for. They are both people who bring out the creative side in me and I'm really enjoying that.

I'll post some pics maybe tomorrow of the things I've been working on :) and head over to Frosty's Little Bakery to see photos and details of my latest cakes!