Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm a groupie!

I'm currently sitting in a church hall with 16 men over the age of 50, a woman standing in front of them bossing them around whilst pointing a sharp object at them and making them produce a sometimes rather unholy noise, a lady playing the piano while all this goes on and my boyfriend sitting at the side of me, being my bridge into the whole thing.

Dan sings for the Irlam Male Voice Choir and I've gate crashed a rehearsal!

I was a little harsh with the 'unholy' comment, that's just because it's a new song they're learning. They are actually very good. They just sang 'Sing', the jubilee song that Gary Barlow wrote and it gave me shivers every time they sang it, I even found myself singing along with them at a few points! Never mind being a groupie, perhaps they'll revamp the choir, become a little more with the times and let me join too! Irlam male and one disabled girl voice choir. I think it's got a ring to it! Very inclusive too.. :D

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