Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Popping my blog cherry..

So, my bofriend has been nagging me to start my own blog. I set up the account about two months ago and tonight I thought it was about time I actually wrote something.

Although, I haven't really got anything to say.

Hmm.... Trying of think of something interesting to say is the hard part...

Tonight is the third night that I've spent away from my boy in the six official months we've been together. I hate it. But, it does bring the money in so I can't complain :) I'm sitting here with my mum and dad in their living room so at least I have some company... it will be very different this time next year (hopefully).

Dan and I are in the process of getting our own place, which I'm very excited for. I can't wait to have our own space, be able to slob out on the sofa, do the dishes when we want and cook what we want and when we want. And that's just the first things that came to mind. It'll be great to be able to live our own lives without my parents breathing down our necks.

The only bad part will be on days/nights like today, when he's working a sleep shift. It will be strange to stay in a house all by myself. I mean, I'm sure it'll be nice at first, being able to do my own thing and have a little "me" time, but I'm sure that novelty will wear off after a while. It's still very exciting though!

We're very prepared for our move too believe it or not. We already have a tv for both the bedroom and the lounge, a bed, wardrobes, a fireplace, two sofas and two rather fancy knives! A random selection of things to be fair, especially seeing we don't have a house yet but I'm rather impressed with us!

I'll keep you posted on "the move" as and when anything changes, I'll be sending off the forms in the next few days so hopefully it won't be too long before we know something.

I know its probably a very dull topic for anyone who might find themselves reading this but I promise I'm not actually this mind numbingly boring all of the time. The purpose of the blog was originally to post about "Life According to Me" and how I see, live and manage with day to day life and the challenges I face, with the Olympics and Paralympics coming up I'm sure I'll be finding things other than my impending move to talk about.

Well, I appeared to have rambled on for quite a while to say I didn't actually have anything to say! Who knew this blogging malarkey was so easy...! Like I say, I promise next time won't be so random :)

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