Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Apologies and regret buys..


I feel I must apologise to the RSPCA. Now, either they read my blog yesterday and I have somehow managed to make them feel guilty enough to come and visit, or.. they aren't actually as useless as I made out. I fear it may be the latter. They turned up to the house today to see the neighbours and I was able to find out what had been said as they phoned us back to update us on the case.

As you can imagined, they were not very pleased to see them turning up on their doorstep, but it sounds like it was a needed visit. Apparently Max the dog has got eaar mites, and an ear infection but other than that isn't in too bad health. The neightbours reason for leaving the dog outside was because he apparently  bit the mother, but the RSPCA officer herself said she didn't really believe this story. The officer said that the mother actually wanted to sign the dog over to them but the daughter wouldn't let them take him saying she wanted to keep him. Even though the officers explained that collies aren't the best dogs to have around children.. 

They have been given one week to make a decision, sort the facilities outside out and get him to the vet to sort out the infection and the mites, if it's not done then the dog will be taken away. I'm not going to hold my breath, but you never know they might surprise me. Although I think it might be our safetly I'm slightly mre concerned about now, after the glaring looks she was giving us through our window earlier.. I'm going to try and steer clear of them I think! Again, I'll keep you informed..

On a completly diffferent note, my shower broke tonight. About 15 seconds after I got in it. All I managed to get wet was one arm and half my hair. I was really looking forward to it too, I've been putting off washing my hair for like two days (because I've been too lazy and un-motivated lol) and now I think the shower is playing a sick game with me as punishment for being so lazy. I've been trying out that dry shampoo, Batiste, and thought I would see if it worked. I found you can get away with it for a couple of days but I was looking forward to a good old fashioned scrub tonight! Oh well, let's hope it works for one more day now, or else I'm going to regret being lazy and using it in the first place!

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