Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Five days.. FIVE DAYS!! Where the heck have five days gone??? I don't know why I haven't blogged, but I'm determined to keep up with my 'Blog a Day' so even if I only give you a line for each day, I will  type something! Right, let's see if I can remember what happened....!


Friday, hmm... let me see..

 All I remember about Friday is the evening! We'd been preparing for the snow storm that the had forecast, but as it hadn't really materialised once it got to about 6pm, we decided that it wasn't going to come so we braved it and went out to find something to do. We had to drop birthday cards off at my Auntie's house and while we were doing that, somehow, we decided that we should all go to the bingo.. 'all' being my Auntie, Dan and myself. I'd been a couple of times before but not for a fair few years and Dan had never been but he's a fan of the odd gamble so as Auntie Val goes every few weeks we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for her to come and teach us! 

We didn't win anything but it was a good little night out, we had a laugh and I think Dan may have the bug now, he's got a streak of an older generation in him anyway so he fits right in ;)

As we came out of the building we realised the snow had got a little worse, it had started to stick and the wind was horrendous. Dan ran ahead to get the car starting to warm up and I battled against the wind trying to push my way through the couple of inches that had fallen. The next thing I know I see Dan running back towards me, I presumed he was going to help me push but as he approached me he began to lean down towards my height kind of thing. I thought he was going to kiss me, which although it would have been appreciated I thought it was a little random to say the situation! But I was wrong. He leant down and scooped me up and carried me all the way to the car! I was giggling the whole way and just as we reached the car and he was bending to sit me in the car I started to say "How romantic!" and as if it was written in a script with perfect comedy timing, he banged my head on the door frame! It was absolutely hilarious! Pure comedy timing. Then, to make matters even funnier as he turned back to go and collect my chair we saw the wind had spun it around and was rolling away at an alarming speed! Dan had to run to catch up to it! I was laughing so hard! I looked around a couple of times to see if someone was filming us, it would've definitely got the £250 from You've Been Framed!

From there Dan and I decided to go for a drive as we were having a good night and didn't really want it to end yet. So we went the long way home, through the hills, a drive we have done many a time. What we didn't bank upon was the fact that the hills are even higher than where we live and so the snow may have reached there before it hit us... it had. The road was narrow, filled with snow, very slippy and the snow was blowing in horizontally in the open space. It was scary but I felt completely safe with Dan driving. We only came across a couple of vehicles coming from the opposite direction so we managed to avoid the larger bankings of snow by driving in the middle of the two lanes! But the fact there was so little traffic made it even more eerie up there, it was desolate and the weather made it feel as though we were part of a horror movie scene! I wish I'd had my camera with me, it would've made for beautiful photography.

Coming down off the main hills, down into the area that I live in there is a small car park which as we passed, Dan pulled into.. I wondered why until I looked over and saw the glint in his eye.. Donuts. We preferred to think of it as 'driver training' rather than just being kids and messing around! To be perfectly honest it was training for me, I'd never done anything like that and as it was in a controlled, quiet place and you never know what you would do in a situation where you lost control of your car, I thought it was perfectly acceptable!


Saturday was supposed to be game day, we had two games against Leeds scheduled but because the snow got worse over night, we had to cancel. Dan was working too so I had no plans really. Thinking about it now, I can't actually remember what I did! I couldn't go out because of the snow so I think I just had a lazy day


Sunday came and brought another day with no set plans. I collected Dan from work and we came home and watched a bit of Sunday morning telly but we wanted to do something with our day as we have been having a few lazy days recently so that we could save money. After a few ideas being thrown around we settled on having a drive over to Stockport to visit my Auntie Olly. We haven't seen her since before Christmas and she's the kind of woman that won't be impressed if you don't keep in touch, especially if she is keeping two gigantic sofas in her garage for you... which she is doing for us! I suppose I should expand on that a little, it's fairly simple. Dan's uncle was getting new sofas and offered us his old ones for our house. Only we didn't have a house but were hoping to get one soon enough and so we took them off him and stored them in the only place we could think of that was big enough until we get our own place! That's where Auntie Olly came in to it. 

Visits to Auntie Olly's house are never short and sweet, she can talk the hind legs off a donkey, similar to both me and Dan so it was a rather long and talkative afternoon. We had to make it home for tea though so left there around 5, got home a little late :/ and then we were stuck for plans again.

Remember what I said earlier about Dan having 'the bug' for bingo, well my theory was proven on Sunday night as that was the first thing he suggested we could do! With a little persuasion I agreed, although it was so cold I didn't really want to leave the house. I'm definitely glad we did though, we won! It wasn't big money or anything but it gave me a big thrill! It was so exciting! It looks like our beginners luck just took a bit to warm up aha! We won £30.50 on a game thing that only cost us £1 and then we won £50 for getting a line in one of the main games! And to say we got in for free with a coupon thing that Dan received for joining, it was a pretty good win! 


Yesterday was a busy day and no amount of snow was going to be able to stop us! First of all we had to be up and dressed earlier than usual as we had to get the food shop done before we started on our plans. That done we headed off to Salford, where luckily enough it hadn't snowed nearly as bad as it had in Bury. Dan had his first rehearsal with the school choir that he met with last Monday and so I dropped him off and headed dover to The Lowry again to waste a couple of hours and try to find a new dress for our annversary night out in a couple of weeks. 

I had no luck on the dress front and so parked up at Costa with my Kindle and waited for Dan there. He met me and the look on his face as soon as I saw him told me it had gone well. He was so excited! He said it had gone really well, the choir were better than he was expecting and they had grasped the first song really easily. I love it when he has a project like this to focus on, the determination he has for everything to go well and the organisation and effort he puts into it is really impressive, it's inspiring. If I'm honest I'm a little jealous of the whole thing. I'd love to be able to do something like this, only with something I'm more comfortable with, I'd be petrified if someone told me I had to stand up in front of 18 girls and conduct them! But to have something to sink my teeth into and organise something like he is doing is exactly what I need at the minute. Something to exercise my brain a little lol. Maybe I can just pick up some hints from Dan, as I know he's going to do a fantastic job.

From there we called in at a friends house for a cuppa, and then Dan took me out for tea with our bingo winnings. Then he had another big meeting set up at the choir this time. He had arranged for a reporter to come along to a rehearsal and do some filming for an online newspaper. He was all dressed up and looking very professional and even though I was originally going to go along and take some photos of the whole thing to put up on the choirs blog, I decided I didn't want to get in the way so I left him to it and went to the Trafford Centre to do some dress shopping instead.

I had a great time, a typical girly shopping trip. I must have tried 6 or 7 dresses on, I went lingerie shopping, had a nosey around some shops I knew I couldn't afford and peered in almost every jewellery store window (I'm not daft enough to go in these places I just can't resist the shiny-ness!) and I came away with some nice new underwear and a new dress, both ready for our anniversary ;) I picked us both up a Starbucks from the drive through on the way back to collect Dan and I waited with eagerness to hear all about the interviews and to show him my buys. He came out with just as much enthusiasm on his face as he did coming away from the school. He said they had interviewed him and taken some film of the choir singing and I could tell he is excited to see the finished thing online. He's not been doing the choir long, and to be fair he wasn't very keen on it in the first place, I kind of pushed him towards it but I can tell he's pleased he went back. In just about 6 months, maybe a little longer he's turned the choir around, he's come along with new ideas and is really propelling them into a new era, working with schools and tweeting his way through practically every contact he's been able to get trying to get them funding and other things, I really am so proud of him :) I'll post a link to the article when it's published.

And the bonus to the day was that he liked my dress :) 


Well, that brings us to today. That wasn't too painful. Although I'm afraid it's a bit of an anti-climax as I haven't really done much today! My car was booked in for a service and so they collected it at 9am so I was house bound for the majority of the day. This did bring one benefit though.. the chance to do some baking! I've been thinking I need to expand my bakery skills from just cakes though and so I tried some biscuits today. They had a rather strange name - Jam Thumb-prints - but they taste seriously yummy!


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