Friday, 4 January 2013

Well, that lasted long didn't it!..

I knew I wouldn't be able to stick to writing a blog a day, although I do have things to tell you about from days gone by, so I'll get cracking...


I didn't actually do anything this day, I felt dizzy every time I moved so I lay in bed all day! But I do have things to tell you about which I had forgotten (and bearing in mind the subject you'll find it hard to believe I did forget!) On December 29th, my best friend gave birth to her third baby! She had a baby girl, 7lb 5oz, born at 17.09 and she is called Maizie Grace. She's absolutely beautiful.

She's had a tough little start to life though, she's not yet left the hospital as she has quite severe jaundice and when I went to visit she was in neo-natal intensive care. That's a scary place I tell you! As I entered the room I was faced with bright blue lights, machinery everywhere and lots of beeps that sounded very important.I don't think she's doing too badly now, we are just waiting on her levels coming down a bit more before they let her home. 

And as if you don't have enough worries when you're new born is in hospital, Kirsty had yet more to deal with the other day.. She got her engagement ring stolen whilst at the hospital! Some might say it was partly her fault, she took off her ring to wash her hands and use the alcohol gel so that it didn't damage the ring and left it on the side of the sink, got back to Maizie's bed side, realised and turn back round to go and get it but by the time she'd got there it had gone! I can't believe someone who is in the same position as her, their child in hospital too, would steal it instead of handing it in. What goes through the minds of these people? Anyway, the police have been involved now so lets hope they find something out. 

Right so that's us caught up on important events from days ago, now things for that actually happened on the 2nd.. Well, like I said, not much really, I spent the day in bed.. Although in the evening I got a call of Dan saying he'd given my details to a girl he knew as she was in need of a cake maker! All rather exciting as we were messaging each other on Facebook and it felt really professional, finding out what she wanted, working out prices and things! It felt pretty natural too, something I could get used to for definite! 


Right, yesterday..

It was a VERY busy day. First of all I got up late and only had about 50 minutes to get up and ready and get to Dan's work to pick him up. Rushed. When I got there he said we would go to town to shop for a new printer, which we did, got a pretty good deal and then went to get his hair cut and have some breakfast. During which time I saw a lady fall in the Millgate (the shopping centre) and seriously injure herself, it wasn't pleasant. Then we got home and did an unplanned 'gutting' of my room to make way for the new printer. Set that up and played a little with it, it's very cool! Then we had a phone call to make regarding my Android tablet that Dan bought me for Christmas.. It hasn't been working properly, it wouldn't stay connected to the Internet and so we phoned the helpline to see what they suggested. Apparently there have been loads of problems with them and lots of people have been taking them back. They gave us a reference number and said that we could take it back down to HMV where we bought it from and we would get a full refund! Bonus. So then I had to decide what I wanted to do with the money as it was still part of my Christmas present... I really should have put it to some use and paid off my next Slattery's course with it but the idea of a new laptop popped into my head and once I told Dan he was pretty set on getting me one. So after tidying, we went back down to Bury, got our refund, toddled on over to PC World and got baffled with technology a little and ended up leaving with a shiny new laptop! (Which I am now writing this on!)

After ALL this, we managed to get home in time for tea and then no sooner than we had finished it, we had to get ready to go to training in St Helens. It was the first session back after Christmas so I knew we would all be a little sluggish but I wasn't nearly prepared enough for the pain that ensued! My shoulders were burning after just the warm up!

That was the next two hours of the night, then the drive home, via Dan's house, where he decided he would pick up his tv from his room as it is just sitting there and let my mum and dad use it in the lounge as there's is on it's way out. It seems like the whole day was filled with technology! We pretty much went straight to bed after that, well after Dan had caught up on some work and I had a good chat with Kirsty, and then that leads us to today....


Apart from waking up with Dan and us waking up early enough to be able to spend a bit of time together before work, my day has been pretty crap.

I don't want to go into too much detail but have you ever felt like everyone else is allowed to make mistakes other than you? Like, if other people forget things then it's ok, but if you forget then it's the worst thing in the world? That's what its has been like today. I got a text off a friend asking if there was something wrong as I hadn't replied to a text and she thought I couldn't be bothered.. It might sound silly but it really upset me. I have been so busy this last few weeks that I really don't know if I'm either coming or going, or staying still for that matter, and to have someone complain at me for forgetting such a minor thing really got to me. 

This text came as I was dropping Dan off at work and the conversation had gone on before I'd got out of the car at home.. By the time I walked in the door, I found myself crying my eyes out! So silly I know but it just made me question everything. Like, the amount of times I text my friends and they don't reply and when they eventually do or I give in and phone them, I just brush it off and say "oh it's ok, don't worry about it". And this isn't just once in a blue moon, I'm talking everyday. I'm still waiting for my best friend to tell me he got back home ok after his visit here over Christmas. Yet I won't have a go at him, I just accept that he's been busy and texting me back clearly wasn't a priority. The same goes for Kirsty, I've been phoning her three, four, five times a day and getting no response, yes it bugs me, but I get it because she has other things to worry about. 

Is it just me? Am I the odd one out for how I react, or rather how I don't react, when someone doesn't reply? Because if I'm being made to feel like a bad friend, then surely the people who don't reply, or seem to ignore me, should be feeling this same way? Or, is it because I am a good friend that when I feel like I've annoyed another friend, it upsets me so much? 

Maybe I'm just being over sensitive, I don't know. But it has certainly tainted a very good, motivated mood that I was in. I had bust plans today and now I think I'm just going to sit here and figure out what the hell I'm doing with this new laptop of mine... and reply to any texts I get straight away as to not run the risk of annoying anyone...

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