Sunday, 6 January 2013

Queuing and losing..


It was as strange day today, I got up nice and on time ready to collect Dan from work, got there on time and then waited outside the house for the next 55 minutes, waiting for the next person to come on shift to arrive. It's so annoying because if Dan is going to be even ten minutes late, he phones in to let them know and yet this guy has to concern whatsoever, he didn't answer his phone at all and then just rolled up and walked in with no explanation at all. 
This then put the whole morning out of kilt, which was going to be a rush anyway as Dan had plans at 11 (bearing in mind that Dan should have finished at 10!) It was a strange day to be honest as when Dan finishes work we usually spend the day together but as he had planned to go on a motorbike ride with a friend, I had to make my own plans - I can tell you're just as shocked as I was! So yes, anyway getting back to the motorbike thing... I wasn't very happy, truth be told, about him going on this ride as I knew it was a powerful bike and yet I had no idea whothis guy was, whether he was a good driver, whether he was used to carrying a passenger, or anything and it scared me to death.. I think I have watched too many 'Helicpoter Heroes' type programmes as all I can see when I look at a motorbike - apart from the sexiness of it - is an accident waiting to happen! 

Anyway, he went out for a few hours and came back safely and I got a nice fancy meal and a visit to the cinema to make it up to me for scaring me silly... so it worked out all round really! There was one thing while we were at the cinema that really got my back up though and that's really why I decided to write this....

So, you're a lady and you need to use the ladies room.. But, there's a queue.. What, in that case, would you do? Would you:

a) wait in line,
b) hold it in until the queue had gone down, or until you got home, or
c) use the appropriately placed disabled toilet which you are queueing next to?

I would hope that it would be either a) or b)... but no, not this one lady... Now, it's not the first time I've had to wait for an able bodied person to come out of the disabled toiilet, and it most certainly won't be the last, but last night it just really annoyed me! We were on the minutes for the film as we had walked over from the restaurant and then had to queue for tickets and I had to push my way through the queue of ladies to find that it was locked, to then wait there in front of the same ladies I squeezed past, waiting for this lady to come out of the toilet that was there for me to use! I know what some of the more open minded people reading this might be thinking.. 'you don't only have to be in a wheelchair to use a disabled toilet, not all disabilities are visable' (I'm very well aware of this as my Dad has a colostomy bag and if you didn't know this fact then you wouldn't be able to tell)... but it was the look on her face that told me she did not have to use this toilet, other than her being too impatient to wait in line. Her face when she saw me said "oh, I was really hoping that was just someone else like me who couldn't wait!" 

It might all sound a little harsh this, I don't normally slate people for not being able to hold their bodily functions while they are in line, but this time it made me ask myself the question, "If there was a queue for the disabled toilet, would I quickly nip into the ladies room?' And asking that question made me realise that, yes I would..... if I could. But, I can't. Apparently people don't think this far ahead though when they are desperate. 


Today has been a relatively bad day so I'm going to keep it fairly short.. and because of the fact I've worn myself out ranting just now..
I had two basketball games today, I played the first and coached the second, and we lost them both. Boo. I don't like losing, especially when it's to my ex-boyfriends team and when my ex-coach of GB was watching us. I did however score two very sweet baskets which made up for it just a little bit.. I think I've still got it..... even if no one else does lol.

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