Tuesday, 8 January 2013

RSPCA - Really? You might want to re-think that title..

So, this morning the dog was no longer tied to the post. We all assumed it had been taken in by the non-deserving owners but that turned out to be wrong..
Like I said last night, another neighbour of ours had complained to the RSPCA and so this morning we phoned them up to see if they had noticed when the dog had been taken in. They took us by complete surprise when they told us that it was them  that had taken it in! They went round and untied him at about 2am, took him into their house, dried him off because he was shivering, gave him some water and put some food out for him. He ate a whole box of dog fod, which would normally feed their own dogs for a week.. Tell me that's not a mistreated dog? It wouldn't be that hungry to eat all that if it had only not been fed for the 15 hours it was out in the garden would it?
But in another turn of events, once they had taken him in, they phoned the RSPCA to let them know what the situation was now. They were told to take the dog back immediately as if the owners had seen them then they could get them done for theft. So they took him back at about 2.30am and told my neighbours what they had done and all they said was 'thanks very much'. Absolute idiots. 
By the time we had found all this out it was about 11am and I realised that I hadn't seen them letting him out for a wee or anything like that, which I thought was bad, and so we used that as an excuse to phone the RSPCA back and find out what was going to happen. It turns out, nothing. I'm so disappointed in them, they said that they won't come out because apparently it isn't life threatening as it isn't happening on a regular basis! I was appalled.

You're telling me that this famous charity that's responsible for saving all these animals and promoting what they do on tv and making countless animal rescue programmes, won't come out to protect  an animal from cruelty....  that's three of the words used in their charity name - The Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals... I'd like to know what their idea of cruelty is then. Or how many times an act of cruelty needs to be performed before they will do something. 
I tell you something, I won't be handing over my spare change to the people rattling the tins raising money for them if they don't start showing me where this money goes...

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