Thursday, 17 January 2013

From one small room, to a cell..

There's not much that I like more than having a lazy day with my boy. Although it leaves me with a very boring blog to write!

We had planned to go for a nice frosty walk but once we had done a few jobs that we had to do in Bury, we got back and decided that it was just too cold and there was too much ice on the ground. So instead, we stayed in, put the bed down, got under he duvet and cuddled up to a film.. perfect! 
Not that we finished watching it mind. Mum called us for tea and then we decided to go and round to our friends for a brew, so I guess we'll finish watching it another day. I hate leaving a film with no ending lol.
I've just finished watching a programme called 'Inside Death Row with Trevor MacDonald' and it's left me with a feeling that Idon't really know how to explain. The title really gives away what it was about so won't go into too much background but it was the people that he met that have left me with this feeling.
Like I said, I'm not really sure how to explain it but it's a mixture of anger, disbelief and surprisingly, feeling sorry for them. It's hard not to feel slightly bad for some of them, like one guy who had committed a double homicide at the age of 13 and had been in that same prison since he was 15.. he was now 38. He wasn't on death row but he did have a sentence of 150 years to serve, so it may as well of been. Watching him and hearing him talk made me feel like it was such a waste of a life, he was well educated, especially seeing as he mustn't of finished school, he spoke intelligently and with respect, not of this stupid gang-slang talk and he was a good looking guy. If it wasn't for the fact that he had killed two elderly women all because they wouldn't let him and his friend cut their lawn for money when he was just a child, then he would've madea quite a catch for someone! It just makes you wonder what could possibly run through people minds to 'end up' murdering two people for the sake of $5.
More than that though, it makes you look at your own life and re-evaluate what you have got. I may not have everything that I want, a new phone, a new car, a new wardrobe, a new camera lens... but I have freedom. I can go outside in to the sunshine whenever I want, I can nip to the shops if I fancy some chocolate, or spend a day in the park if it's nice weather. They have one hour outside and the other 23 hours of the day they are by themselves in a cell which is probably a third of the size of my bedroom. 
Dan and I get frustrated not having our own place and having to live with mum, mosto f the time we are confined to our room. either that or we have to sit with mum and dad in the lounge, which isn't nice when all you want to do is lounge around and watch some tv. I realise that we have a lot more than some of the people in the prison do, but the ones on death row have it better than us in some respects too. They had their own kitchen, a television, computer games, books, their own personal space... that's more than we get sometimes! Living with parents you never get quite as much prvacy as you would like and the fact they have the choice of whether they watch tv, make a coffee, play some playstation or whatever.. they certainly have it a lot easier than they did in the days of The Green Mile that's for sure! Is this human rights gone mad, or is it what every human deserves? If you take the life of someone else, should you have the right to choose how to live your own, with such luxuries as a television and computer games I mean?
Something else that struck me was the hierarchy within the inmates depending on the crime they had committed. There was a man who had killed a police officer and he was talking about another inmate who had killed a four year old girl and cut her head off. It was as though he was a saint who had done no wrong and this other guy was the scum of the earth, Now, I realise that most sane people would think that anybody who kills a child should rightfully burn in hell (as I do) but the fact that this person had also taken the life of some one who was once somebodies child and yet was so disgusted got me thinking.. at what age does it become okay to kill someone? If someone kills a police officer who is 34, that seems acceptable to other inmates, but what do you class as not a child? 16? 18? 21? To me, someone who, I think, is of fully sound mind if the person has a family, a life, if they breathe, then it is not okay to kill them, no matter what their age. It just strikes me that they come from a life outside of prison, gangs and such that are structured with a hierarchy and they still need that structure inside prison. They make themselves feel better by thinking 'well at least I didn't kill a child'. It's a strange mentality... and yet I can understand it. It might not ever be okay to kill someone, no matter what age, but I find myself agreeing slightly with the cop killer.. I wouldn't even spit on a child killer if he was on fire, I might just about throw a cup of water on the cop killer if I had one to hand if it was him was on fire... if I wasn't thirsty that is..
 Also, just a note to say I'm totally 100% addicted to Pinterest. I've literally spent all day on the damn thing! So much so that I actually got motion sickness at one point because I'd spent about two horus straight just scrolling up and down! It's a very handy website though, I'm glad I came across it.. I've had so many ideas today that I want to do and the fact that I have looked through so many that I have forgotten them now doesn't matter.. because I pinned them! It's perfect!

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