Monday, 7 January 2013

Who let the dog out..


I am absolutely outraged. 

My neighbours have never been the perfect people to live next door to, in fact they are no where near classed as anything like good neighbours if you ask me, but today has taken it way over the line. They are the type of people who you know very little about, they keep themselves to themselves.. apart from when they are entertaining half the chavvy asbo lads from the area.. It's a very strange set up that household too. There is a mother, a 17 year old daughter and then the 17 year old daughters daughter who is about 2. But these lads who go round are like between the ages of probably 13-17 and they are either in there all night partying or there are little 'exchanges' going on if you know what I'm saying.. There's no way I can prove the fact I think they are doing drugs in there.. taking and dealing if you ask me.. which I don't agree with anyway let alone when there is a toddler in the house. This got my back up for quite some time but like I say there was no way I could prove it, and I couldn't approach them about it, not unless I like my car with one less window and/or wheel..
So now you have some idea of the people I'm talking about here, well today they have completely lost any chance of me ever giving them any respect whatsoever. A few months ago, probably about nine months, they got this dog called Max. He was an overweight border collie, but harmless and friendly. You never see the two women taking the baby for a walk or anything so I found it hard to believe that they would take Max out. It turns out, they wouldn't, as we expected. Then they got this other dog, a little white staff, who was pregnant. Strange, as it seemed they couldn't even handle Max on his own. Well, the staff - Polo - gave birth to four puppies, three died and they said they were keeping the one that survived. Again, that seemed very strange and I began to start keeping an eye out for the dogs. Polo lost weight rapidly after having the pups and I suspected they weren't feeding them properly as Max had lost a lot of weight too. Then all of a sudden, Polo and the puppy were gone, they said that someone had come to 'claim' the puppy and that Polo had run away, and we saw a lot less of Max recently too.......

Then today, I saw Max for the firs time in what must be two months.. He was tied to a post in the garden, looking skin and bones, with no water, no food, no shelter, in the pouring rain. Mum and I were keeping an eye on him and once it started raining that bit heavier and we had worked out he'd been out there for four hours Mum went to knock on the door. She was greeted by a grunt and the door slammed in her face. It didn't leave us with much we could do. I didnt want to risk  interfering too much and them lashing out, I felt so sorry for Max but I didn't want to cause trouble. 

However, when Dan and I had been out this evening and came back after about four hours and the dog was still OUT , we just had to do something. We came in and phoned the RSPCA but they can't do anything unless it's an absolute emergency as their server is down or something, which is typical, but we have to phone back in the morning and report it again. They said they are breaching the Animal Welfare Act so I'm hoping they will do something to help. It's just not fair. I mean I've watched enough animal rescue programmes to know that they will probably have to give them reasonable time to make changes, but I really hope they listen to us, and I know other neighbours have complained too. The family are just not fit to own animals. It's cruelty, and I won't have it.

Will keep you updated.

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